We all want to enjoy fashion, but there is no end to it if we follow trends. Eventually, we’ll run out of money. We don’t want to put a burden to the planet by contributing to buying stuff either.

xChange is a “fashion swap party,” an emerging movement in Japan and spreading quickly to other parts of the world. Koko Niwa, a Japanese environmentalist started xChange in 2007, in a little cozy café in Tokyo where you bring your clothes, bags, and fashion items to exchange with each other. By asking everybody to participate in “exchanging” clothes, the idea is to increase consciousness about the environmental and social problems in the area of fashion – while having lots of fun and create a sustainable harmonious vibe.

Take a look at the first xChange event (2007.9)

Episode Tag is the Price!

The most unique thing about xChange that differentiate from other fashion swap parties, is the idea of “episode tag.” Episode tag attached to each garment you xChange, is where you write about memories, messages, or any thing you want to pass along to the next person who might take what you brought. This makes each garment so personal, and makes people think of the add-on value stuff can have. You can download the tag from the website, but go ahead and make your own creative tag.

Organize your own xChange party

We encourage you to organize your own xChange party anywhere you are. The good thing about xChange is that anyone can do it at any size – without spending money. All you need is a cozy venue, hanger racks, mirrors, posters to communicate the spirit of xChange, and start from introducing it to network of friends.

Put an “episode tag” on your clothes and shoes that you don’t wear anymore and display them. Someone may find them for their own good use. If you find some items you like, they become yours.

You can spice it up with creative ideas such as – xChange fashion show, baby & kids xChange, setting up remake booth, or collaborating with existing parties. It’s totally a free spirit & free style event. Be creative and enjoy xChange!

The rise of the Sharing Culture

We all know that the current one-way economic model will take us nowhere. Also the society which depends heavily on money is too old fashioned we can no longer live in.

Instead the economic model and culture based on trust and connection are rapidly emerging around the world. To reuse, barter, exchange, and share is so simple and fun which can take over quickly the norms of our consumption behavior.

Since the first event in 2007, xChange has been held over 100 times in Universities, yoga studios, hair salons, department stores, corporate and NPO offices, individual homes all over Japan. Now xChange is heading to other parts of the world. Don’t be late to join the sharing culture movement yourself!